Pre-sale decluttering

Are you planning to sell or lease your

Wouldn’t you love a decluttered,
organised home prior to placing your
property on the market?

According to The Wall Street Journal, buyers spend 60% of their time looking at listing photos, and only 20% of their time considering the listing’s agent and description, so having your place looking ship-shape before sale is worth more than just peace of mind.

Maximise your return and take only the belongings that you love, are practical or functional to your new property, all the while saving you time and money on removalists and unpacking.

Allow Mr. Declutter to help you get your property home-open ready by depersonalising and restyling your space before it’s placed on the market. It’s important that potential buyers walk in and make an instant connection with the heart and soul of your home in order for them to easily envisage themselves moving in and occupying the space.

Discriminating between what is practical, meaningful or has purpose can be tricky. That’s where Mr. Declutter steps in. By meeting with you and conducting a thorough client assessment, we can develop a strong understanding of your personal needs. We work closely with you, in a non-intrusive and supportive way, to declutter, depersonalise, organise and restyle your home so that it’s ready to be listed on the market.

What to expect

  • Before getting started, let’s sit down and have a cup of tea together. It’s the perfect opportunity to answer your questions and discuss any concerns.
  • We will work together to determine what items need to be removed before your property is listed.
  • Unwanted items will be packed and removed from the property or collected by charities or community groups, that can benefit from your unwanted items.
  • Personal items that are being removed that you wish to keep will be carefully packaged and boxed ready for you to take to your new home.
  • Junk and waste collection can be arranged.
  • Detailed and thorough cleaning of the property’s interior.
  • Garden maintenance.
  • We will leave you with a blend of essential oils for you to diffuse prior to and during open homes to provide potential buyers a sense of calm, ease and clarity.
  • Finally, space clearing using sustainably sourced white sage may take place to clear any residual energy from the property.