Deceased estates

Have you recently lost a loved one?

Do you need a caring pair of hands to ease the burden of managing the deceased estate?

The grief we experience when we lose someone close to us can be overwhelming. Sorting through the estate of those who have parted while we are dealing with our loss can be emotionally draining and can unnecessarily postpone our healing process.

Allow Mr. Declutter to compassionately take care of the process while you and your loved ones take time to grieve and heal. The utmost respect is taken every step of the way, ensuring all personal belongings and property are treated with love and care.

First, we will meet with you to conduct a thorough client assessment to gain a strong understanding of your wishes. After meeting, we will prepare a personalised plan to sort, tidy and declutter your loved one’s home.

At Mr. Declutter, we encourage family to take part in the process at any stage.

Mr DeClutter

Upon request, we can offer you any or all of the following services

  • Before getting started, let’s sit down and have a cup of tea together. It’s the perfect opportunity to answer your questions and discuss any concerns.
  • Provide an inventory, complete with photographs of personal belongings.
  • Assist with packing and the removal of unwanted items.
  • Collate items to be donated to your chosen charity.
  • Arrange storage quotes and transportation to the designated location or nominated individuals.
  • Arrange junk and waste collection.
  • Assist with the disconnection of all utilities.
  • Attend to garden maintenance.
  • Engage the services of valuers to assess the value of collectibles, antiques and valuables.
  • Complete a detailed and thorough clean of the property’s interior.
  • Finally, space clearing using sustainably sourced white sage may take place to clear any residual energy from the property.